The idea behind this blog is to present all the necessary ideas to create a full on Line of Business application where all that happens on the server is authentication, authorisation, persistence and some of the validation.  This should allow you to create a complex application which works on any server be it php or or something else entirely, with only a tiny amount of modification.  Once I’ve gone through the basics I plan to cover lots of my favourite libraries.


1 and 2 could be done in parallel with 3-5 since 3-5 don’t rely on any knowledge of HTML.  I should also state that some really good information can be found at which covers much of what this tutorial series is about.

  1. Static HTML5 Pages
  2. Styling a page
  3. Introducing JavaScript
  4. JavaScript Objects and Arrays
  5. Functional JavaScript
  6. JavaScript Encapsulation (OOP)
  7. JavaScript DOM API and JQuery
  8. Conventions, Constructors and Prototypes
  9. AJAX



URL Parsing

  • Path.js
  • Sammy.js

Dom Editing and helper methods

  • JQuery